Whole Package

Service and Support, Above All

Our business began with years of research and development in the design and manufacturing of the best Fountainless Applicator Systems in the industry. That means our staff are very knowledgeable on all topics common to blade system users and the types of problems that they encounter with typical single and dual blade systems. Let us help you design and deliver a high production application for your business.

All Necessary Hardware

Purchase price includes all necessary mounting hardware to convert customers existing ink-metering system to an enclosed, reverse angle doctoring system. All hardware components are either zinc plated, hard anodized, or painted.

Hoses, Fittings, & Drip Pan

Hoses, cam-lock quick disconnect fittings, and a new drip pan are supplied for each deck conversion. If you would like to purchase additional assemblies of hoses and fittings we inventory all the components you will receive with the system.

Anilox Roll Information

For optimal seal performance Anilox rolls should have 1/2" non-engraved area (dead band) at each end of the roller. We recommend the use of ceramic-coated laser engraved Anilox rollers with all Enclosed Doctor Blade Systems. If using a chrome roll please be aware of the potential of wearing out these rolls significantly faster than normal. If you plan to use a chrome roller please discuss this with Interflex.

Idle Sunday Drive

Anilox or gravure rolls must be driven directly when the machine stops. If you have this we make no modification to the idle drive system. If your idle drive currently turns your rubber roller we modify it to directly drive the Anilox roller. All necessary clutches, sprockets, guards, chains and mounting plates are included in the idle drive pricing.


Our systems are designed to perform optimally with variable speed, constant flow, pumps. Excessive flow and/or pressurization of the system will ultimately cause leakage and less than optimal performance. We recommend following a simple criteria when looking to supply pumps for our systems. Pumps should not cause a surging action; they should be variable speed (reversible if possible) and have a constant flow. If you have further questions regarding pumps please call Interflex for more information.

PH Levels and Coatings

Our applicator head is manufactured of aluminum and coated for corrosion resistance. Standard coating is sealed, anodized aluminum that resists water and solvent based inks, coatings, and cleaners within a pH range of 5-9. If you will be metering a material not within this range, please discuss alternative coatings/materials with Interflex.


As inks and coatings increase in viscosity it is important to understand these effects on performance. If you will be metering material(s) that have a viscosity over 200 centipoises please discuss with Interflex. There may be alternative porting arrangements necessary for optimal performance.

Spare Parts

We manufacture all spare parts required for your system: seal components, thumbscrews, and blade clamps are examples. We stock an extensive supply of doctor blade material that can be used for all commercially available doctoring systems both single and dual blade. Our pricing is competitive; we offer next day delivery or same day delivery.