Seven Reasons To Buy A Pinnacle System

  1. Deep Isometrical Cavity for high speed applications. The Pinnacle's deep cavity (.01428 gallons per inch) allows materials to flow freely through the cavity without the turbulence and starvation of shallow cavity systems.
  2. Independent Seal to Anilox Roll Adjustment which allows the operators to bring the seals in closer to the anilox roll when needed without having to install a new seal or bring the blades in which leads to premature blade wear and anilox roll scoring.
  3. Pinnacle's blade clamps have a unique Stabilizer Pad on them which applies pressure evenly across the doctor blade. This feature eliminates the wave action in the doctor blade that occurs with standard bolt down blade clamps. Thus, we gain an even doctoring effect across the anilox roll which leads to even fluid metering and longer blade life. (For water based applications only)
  4. Tool-less. This feature is a huge time saver for the press operators. All fasteners on the Pinnacle blade clamps and end seal plates are made of 304 stainless steel. They stay captured to the parts being removed and thus there are no loose parts which might otherwise fall into the press or be misplaced.
  5. Pinnacle's Quick Release Design allows removal of the head from the press in actual seconds.
  6. Pinnacle's mounting brackets have a Skew Mechanism which allows you to adjust the angle of the head to the anilox roll so you can maximize your reverse angle doctoring capabilities.
  7. Optional Air/Mechanical System. Pinnacle's unique mounting system incorporates the stability of applying uniform pressure via an air solenoid with the rigidity of a mechanical system through our cam shaft indexing design. What you get is a system that keeps the optimum amount of pressure (1/4 to 1/2 lb per inch of blade) from doctor blades to anilox roll but locks itself up mechanically through our cam shaft so that the head cannot come out of contact with the anilox roll during press runs. This system gives you the best of both applications.