Pinnacle Fountainless Applicators

Pinnacle Fountainless Applicators, the most advanced systems available in the industry, feature Chambered Doctor Blade technology for Flexographic Printing and Coating. Pinnacle efficiently doctors most coatings and inks, including water, solvent and UV/EB based inks, as well as overcoats, adhesives and lubricants.

Pinnacle is designed to fit on virtually any new or used printing or coating unit that utilizes an anilox roll. InterFlex has a large and growing inventory of systems that have been purpose-engineered to fit onto particular press lines, so the chances are that we have a design already completed for your application. And if not, one of our trained technicians can visit your facility to gather the proper measurements and installation information.

The Pinnacle enclosed reverse angle doctor blade system represents a major improvement over fountain rolls, open pans, and conventional doctor/applicator systems. Pinnacle contains the entire liquid application, circulating, and doctoring process within its unique closed and sealed environment. Here are just a few of the many benefits of the Pinnacle Fountainless Applicator System:

  • Shorter make ready time
  • Little or no cavitation
  • Reduced evaporation
  • Increased blade life
  • Virtually no ink slinging
  • Reduced waste
  • No tools required

Additional Info

Peak Automated Wash-up Systems

The most efficient and easy to use wash up and ink/coating pumping systems on the market today. The PAWS can be configured to meet your specific production needs

PAWS has been precisely engineered to meet the rigorous demands of today’s closed chamber doctor blade operations. The time saving system provides complete ink pumping, ink recovery and total flushing, including chambers, manifolds, hoses and pumps.

After initial configuration, simply choose 'Run' to maintain a consistent fluid flow to your PINNACLE applicator head. When the process is complete, choose 'Wash Up' and let PAWS cycle through the fluid recovery, head flush, and component wash up cycles automatically. A typical cycle time is between 5 and 10 minutes, depending on the width of the press.

Shown above are two 3-deck PEAK wash up systems for a six-color press and a single deck wash up for a down stream coater. Included are seven PINNACLE Applicator heads and necessary mounting hardware and hoses. A separate control panel with an on/off switch and air regulator is provided for operator accessibility at each station.

PAWS Key Features

  • PLC Control, with Touch Screen Operator Interface Unit, and Diagnostic/Fault Annunciation
  • 3 Programmable Wash Up Cycles
    • Ink/Coating Recovery
    • Wash Up
    • System Drain
  • Single, Double or Triple Modular Deck units
  • Two Peristaltic Pumps per deck with auto shutdown in the event of a motor/pump failure
  • Quick Disconnect Hoses
  • Pre-wired Dry Contacts for Customer Fault Tie-in
  • Ph Balance Control (optional)
  • Applicator Head 'Out of Position' Pump Inhabitation
  • Mounted on Casters for Portability
  • Off the Shelf Components for Economic Repair
  • Two Standard Capacity Units

PAWS complete compact modular units are designed for ease of maintenance, maximum ink recovery and minimum downtime for clean up and ink change over.

PAWS standard ‘Low Capacity’ systems are designed for applications with a 54" or less web width, or those requiring a flow of 2-5gpm or less. PAWS standard ‘High Capacity’ systems, are designed for applications with a web width of over 54" and a flow requirement of 6-9gpm.

PAWS utilizes two efficient peristaltic pumps (one for feed and one for return) on each print/coating deck. Each pump has a minimum and maximum speed set point to give the operator the necessary control in order to maintain a constant flow of ink or coating to and from the applicator head over a wide range of viscosities.

Other PAWS configurations can be custom designed to your specific needs, and InterFlex offers a line of lower cost manually operated wash up systems as well.

The PAWS PLC is controlled through an easy to read and use touch screen Operator Interface Unit (OIU), that provides a simple and fast way to make any changes to cycle times, or pump speeds, as well as to correct faults. The OIU displays the remaining, current cycle, and total cycle times.

PAWS’ PLC driven components, integrated circuits, and the operator interface unit provide an efficient and reliable control system that reduces operator input and assistance during all phases of production and wash up.

Manual Wash-up Systems

Manual Wash Up Systems are available for applications where some manual operations are needed or desired. Each system is custom designed to meet your specific production requirements.

Sheet Fed Rotary Converting Equipment

INTERFLEX has developed a line of Sheet-Fed Rotary Diecut equipment designed to increase productivity and improve your product quality. These innovative diecut and delivery systems are designed to accommodate your long-run diecutting needs, in addition to meeting the ever shortening run lengths and lead times your market demands. INTERFLEX Rotary Diecut Systems offer a wide range of versatility, including both hand and automatic feeding capabilities. Using either magnetic cylinders with flexible die plates or engraved tooling, INTERFLEX Sheet-Fed Rotary Diecut systems are capable of kiss-cutting products such as pressure sensitive labels or through cutting tag stocks up to 0.030". Our "Micro-Gap" (Bearer-less design) feature provides for the ability to adjust the gap between both the die and anvil cylinder in 0.0001" increments for the production of multiple thickness products.

With speeds up to 7,500 SPH, INTERFLEX Sheet-Fed Rotary Diecut Systems include servo driven print to cut registration of +/- 0.010". Our matrix removal and product delivery systems allow for the extraction of all excess trim surrounding the finished product. This provides for the delivery of the finished product without need for off-line manual removal. Finished products can be shingled, stacked or batched at the end of the line with automated packaging systems incorporated if needed.

These Sheet-Fed Rotary Diecut Systems were created to accommodate an underserved market where platen diecut systems are too costly and inflexible. Our many innovations will enable you to offer more and more demanding alternatives to your market, while minimizing your production costs thanks to our quick and precise set-up, high net throughput, maximum material flexibility and unmatched diecut quality.


ModelSheet Size 
MG2014 20" wide x 14" long
MG2024 20" wide x 24" long
MG2828 28" wide x 28" long
MG3040 30" wide x 40" long