Pinnacle Ingenuity

The Pinnacle Chamber

Its remarkably simple design totally seals the chamber. The enclosed cavity design virtually eliminates cavitations and also prevents foaming and surface skinning of the liquids. Self-locating Face Seals, running against the Anilox roll, completely close off the cavity ends. Each seal can be independently adjusted from seal to Anilox to conform to the engraved cylinder. No tools are required to change the seals.

Doctor blades and trailing blades can be easily changed, on the press, in less than a minute. Simply remove the thumb screws and remove the clamping bar. The clamping bars contain a rubber seal that runs the length of the blade. The seal helps to stabilize the blade and promote even blade wear. By design, the blades will remain as set, eliminating blade to roll pressure fluctuations associated with typical air/oil loaded blade systems. When applicator heads are replaced, there is no need to adjust for skew or for angle. Only a minimal adjustment will be made for blade to anilox contact points. As in all Pinnacle Adjustments, NO TOOLS ARE REQUIRED.

Quick Release and Mounting

Unique receiver brackets on the back of the applicator head slide over mounting disks and are tightened against the brackets with two large hand screws. Quick and easy change of the head assembly in seconds.

The Pinnacle Loading System

Pinnacle integrates simple, yet accurate, techniques for adjustment of the head to the anilox roll. Large hand screws allow for infinite adjustment on a single plane of the applicator head to the anilox roll. A patented cam articulated loading method provides positive and stable in/out adjustment of the head to the Anilox Roll from end to end. Independent adjustment of each side allows the unit to match the taper of a particular roll without over skewing of the unit.