About Us

Established in 1993, Interflex has long been known as an industry leader in the supply of inking, coating and finishing equipment into a wide spectrum within the graphic arts industries. Over the last several years, Interflex has focused on adapting these solutions into the digital print market with both in-line and off-line finishing modules and systems. These solutions include both web and sheet-fed applications. Our applications span the finishing requirements of coating, laminating, diecutting, perforating and many other specialty configurations.

Applications include:

  • In-line pre-coaters for applying hold-out coatings on various substrates to in-line post-coaters for media protection, enhancement and value-added products.
  • In-line and off-line laminating and diecutting for CR-80 cards for use in health, loyalty, gift and specialty card markets, labels, mailers and more.
  • Sheet-fed cutting of variable imaged products such as postcards, voter ballots, packaging, direct mail, pull-tab tickets, lottery tickets and labels.

Our systems are designed to be integrated with both the OEM press manufactures or to be operated as independently controlled systems within the press line.

Located in Green Bay, Wisconsin Interflex is a full-service designer and manufacturer, offering complete engineering, technical, installation, training, and service support. Over the years, Interflex has been involved in many groundbreaking technologies, which have helped advance the state-of-the-art in the printing, and converting industries.

Our Pinnacle Fountainless Applicator Systems and PAWS Automatic Wash Up Systems are designed to be retrofitted to virtually any press or coating line and are specified as original equipment with many OEM press manufacturers. For retrofit applications, if we don't have existing drawings, we will send our engineers to your facility to measure the equipment, ensuring the proper application and installation of our systems.

Our web and sheet-fed converting equipment are installed over a wide variety of industries and applications. These are but a few examples of Interflex's installations over a wide spectrum of markets and applications.

  • Production of carbonless papers
  • Scratch-off and pull-tab lottery tickets
  • Pressure sensitive and in-mold labels
  • Post-It note pads
  • Scrap-booking materials
  • Wet-wipes
  • Voter Ballots
  • Gift and Smart Cards
  • US postage Stamps
  • Wine and other bottle labels
  • Gloss overcoats on magazines, posters and the like
  • Rotary hot foil stamping
  • Security Holograms
  • Bags for wine-in-a-box
  • Blueprint and fax papers
  • Playing Cards